Mohammad Sezavar Keshavarz

Mohammad Sezavar Keshavarz Date-Apr 2018

NO.#5012 Block D,Sobhan Towers

Quaitarieh Ave.Tehran,Iran



Objective This Resume has been provided for ---------------

Birth : Sept.1956

Marital Status : Married, three children

Graduation : 1974-1978,Abadan Petroleum Institute of Technology(AIT) A subsidiary of National Iranian Oil Company

Employment : 1978-National Iranian Oil Company


1978-1980,Training-NGL-600(Natural Gas Liquids -Ahwaz),Refineries(Process Engineering-Shiraz& Abadan)

1980-1986,Well Testing, Well Completion & Wire-line Operations Senior Engineer-NIOC-Exploration, Iran

  • Establishment of well testing section for NIOC-Exploration and purchase and commissioning of well testing operations and running of the packages for high pressure and corrosive exploration oil and gas wells.
  • Tools and equipment ordering, technical evaluation of proposals
  • Testing and completion of more than 30 wells ,7 inches tubings,10000 psi working pressure, sour services.
  • Design of a completion tool called “Pump Down Plug” which was manufactured by Proficient Oil Tools of Canada through Mr.Szadovski’s effort to minimize NIOC-Exploration rig time while completion.
  • Testing Manger for Nar & Kangan Field Project Operations.

1986-1995,Petroleum Engineering ,Well-Testing & Well Completion Dept. Head –NIOC-Exploration, Iran

  • Ordering and purchase of Full Bore Dst Systems and introducing this system in Iran for the first time
  • Witness of South Pars Gas Field(North Dome) tests done by Flopetrol Schlumberger.
  • Design of suitable completion string (sizing and material) for Khangiran Gas Field, North East of Iran.
  • Member of Commissioning Group for Khangiran Development Project.
  • Member of NIOC Supervision Group for Underground Gas Storage Project and Manager for well testing and interpretation of Yort-Shah Project.

1995-1997,NIOC-Exploration,Petroleum Engineering, Reservoir Manager

1997-1999,NIOC-Exploration,Drilling Manager

  • Reorganizing Drilling Department based on NIOC-Exploration new structure for job integration ,project introduction and cost control
  • Managing 6 on-shore and one off-shore rig operations,120 million USD annual budget .
  • Managing 75 Drilling engineers, training and promotion of 20 new graduates.

1999-2007,NIOC-Exploration Deputy of director for Technical Affairs

  • Managing Drilling Department,Petroleum Engineering, Construction and Enhanced Oil Recovery Departments with 150 engineers and supervisors.
  • Managing to reach footage progress from 42 percent of program in

1997 to 106 percent in 2001.

  • Managing to drill 25 exploration wells(ave.5000 meters ,more than 10 reservoir layers and 20 DST and production tests per well)in 4 years reference to 30 wells drilled in 10 years from 1988-1997
  • Providing NIOC-Exploration with contract manuals including contract documents ,cost estimation directory and vendor lists for standardization of activities in NIOC-Exploration Technical; Affairs
  • Introduction of Policy formats and procedures for hazard estimation and risk assessment in NIOC-Exploration Projects as well as cost control and economic evaluation of these projects.

2007-2011,OEOC-Mem.of Board and Technical Director

OEOC is a private company and a subsidiary of NIOC-Pension Fund as the holding company .The company is active in upstream fields, such as Geophysical acquisition and processing ,Well Testing, Completion, Wire line ,construction and etc. Start 2007 with 3.8 musd income reaching to 100 musd turnover in 2011

2008-Darquain turnkey project-43 musd

2008-Purchase of 6 -2000hp drilling rigs and development of drilling dept.

in OEOC,250 specialists recruitment and training

2009-Arvandan 53 musd turnkey project

2009-Establishment of 12 drilling services ,including

cementing,acidizing,coring,casing crew,etc.150 specialists recruitment and training

2009-First rig drilling operation start up, crew and organization provision

2010-second rig spud on Arvand turnkey project

2011-2015,Mapna Drilling Company ,Managing Director and Mem.of Board

  • Organizing company stuctures,procedures,total quality managements,standards,material management systems, training etc.
  • Running and management of Rig noor-1
  • Drilling sepehr well #1 exploration for NIOC Exploration
  • Purchase and spud of rig noor 2
  • Purchase of 5 services equipment and commissioning and organizing drilling services for Mapna Drilling Company
  • Maroon field wells drilling
  • Frooz B EPDS project award
  • Purchasing 11 drilling services equipment and structuring Mapna drilling service
  • Purchase of one offshore drilling rig and commissioning
  • Azadegan field drilling, commissioning waste management system

2015-2018,Private Activities

  • YNG Ukrainian Company introduction to Iran Market
  • City Bank Petro Energy Group consultants for oil industries new projects
  • Silk Road Energy introduction to oil and gas sector with 500 mmusd credit line
  • GNPT Canada cooperation to promote in Iranian upstream market
  • Introduction and promotion of New Tec Co (Azerbaijan) and AKROS Co Russia
  • Cooperation in Introduction and promotion of Scottish service companies in Iran(just started)

Over sea's courses

  • Leutert Company, Wire line, Bottom hole Samplers, Mast trucks Training-Germany (1987)
  • Breda Company, Well head and x-tree for well completion-Italy (1990)
  • Computer Modeling Group (CMG),a course offered by UNDP to NIOC Exploration for reservoir modeling -Canada (1994)
  • Exploration and Production Study of Darquain field presented works of Agip in-Italy (1996)
  • Exploration and production Development (MDP) of Azadegan field by CONOCO-UK (1999)
  • Data Management and Research center of Schlumberger Company in -UK (2000)
  • Appraisal and Evaluation of Chinese Companies, Sinopec and Cnpc group For NIOC-Exploration Projects-China (2001)
  • Advantica and Schlumberger visit-Englang 2002
  • Oil Show Canada-Calgary,2002
  • CNLC logging and testing China -2003
  • Euro technology Saudi Arabia,Tublar Inspection-2004
  • Fidmash,Belarus,Belaruneft-July 2007
  • Etc.


Below is the list of books and articles I have published through NIOCExploration, which many of them are being taught since 1987

  • Well Testing a bridge between theory and practice
  • Well completion design and application
  • Well Head services for exploration wells
  • Production engineering
  • Corrosion engineering, oil industries material specification
  • Technical and Economic Evaluation of projects using statistical models (montecarlo)
  • Tendering Documents, cost estimation directories and approved vendors for NIOC-Exploration projects.
  • NIOC-Exploration Policy and Procedures for Technical Projects


  • Calibrat.rpg, a software for calibration of bottom hole mechanical Gauges
  • Oil and gas wells bottom hole pressure calculation from well head pressure
  • Skin and Permeability calculation from deliverability tests
  • Montecarlo application for oil and gas reserve estimation


  • Computer Diploma from Amirkabir University –Iran, 1989
  • Presidency Award for Azadegan Field Exploration.
  • NIOC-Director’s Board Award for the best NIOC managements